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April 27, Adora
4 Israelis murdered-while sleeping in bed; at least 8 wounded when they rushed to help.
Danielle Shefi
She was 5 years old. What were those Palestinian "gunmen" thinking? Was she a threat to the Palestinian cause?
While Israeli are murderd the suicide/homocide bombers' families are compensated- by the same countries that promise Israel peace.
April 12, Jerusalem
6 Israelis dead; over 85 injured.
Left to right: Ling Chang Mai; Yelena Konrab; Suheila Hushi; Rivka Fink; Nissan Cohen.
April 9, Haifa
We spoke too soon!
As soon as Israel eased its oporations, terror attacks started.
Keren Franko and Noa Shlomo

April 7, 2002: Since Israel initiated operations in the PA controled areas no major Palestinian terror attacks have occured. Let's hope it stays this way and I won't have to update this page anytime soon.
March 31, Haifa  
March 30, Tel-Aviv  
march 29, Jerusalem
Another female suicide bomber.
I guess when it comes to murdering Jews Palestinian women do have equal rights.

March 27, Netanya
Passover Massacr


16 Israelis murdered
Few of the victims:
I guess Mr. Karim was a real threat to the palestinians... otherwise, how do you explain why the Palestinian suicide bomber chose to MURDER him?

March 21, 2002
Another Palestinian suicide bomber... so far, 3 Israelis dead, over 60 wounded.

The terrorist's head got detached from the force of the blast.
March 20, 2002
A Palestinian blows a bus while chewing gum and smiling. 7 Israelis dead, 35 wounded.

You have to enlarge this thumbnail to see the dead Israeli Zionist

This occurred right after the US envoy asked Arafat and the Palestinians to "exert 100% effort" to decrease terror... Is this the Palestinian's answer? Keep in mind: a suicide bomber chooses who to stand next to and who to kill... when civilians and children die in a suicide bombing it is not a mere accident!
March 9, 2002 -Jerusalem
Palestinian suicide bomber blow himself up in a Jerusalem coffee, murdering at least 11 and wounding over 50 Israelis and tourists.
An arm is blown a way
Blood all over the cafe's floor
The Arab bomber chose where to stand very carefully.
March 9, 2002 -Natanya
Too many terror attacks this weekend to keep up... pics to come soon. Palestinians celebrating after finding out about the death toll in Israel.

March 8, 2002
Five Israeli teens were killed
and 23 wounded. A Palestinian opened fire and threw grenades after he cut through the fence surrounding Atzmona and entered a building where students were studying Torah.


All were 18 years old and unarmed when shot by the terrorist.
March 2, 2002
9 Jews dead and over 57 wounded. Palestinian blows himself up as Jews exit the synagogue in one of the most ultra orthodox neighborhood

Makes no sense: those ultra orthodox Jews don't serve in the army AND MANY DON'T EVEN SUPPORT ISRAEL'S EXISTENCE. Yet, the Palestinian terrorist did not care as long as they were Jews!

February 16, 2002
An explosion rocked a pizzeria in a Jewish mall in the West Bank. 2 Israelis dead, over 30 injured.
"What I saw was horror. One boy had a nail in his arm, and I took it out... One kid had a severe head wound; I had to take a shirt and stuff it in his head to stop the bleeding. I saw this girl lying without a hand, and she was screaming, "My hand, my hand," and I told her: 'Don't worry, your hand is fine.'
January 27, 2002
Yet another Palestinian suicide bomber. But this time it is a female terrorist. The attack occurred in Jerusalem at 12:30pm, injuring over 150 Israelis and murdering 1.
This man, which was injured and survived this attack, was also a survivor of the New York World Trade Center attack on Sep 11, 2001 The victim: Pinhas Tokatli, 81yo.
A state of shock and hysteria. I guess being a Jew in Israel is a crime?!?
Israel: Red Crescent helping terrorists: Members of the Palestinian Red Crescent society, the local version of the Red Cross, are accused of participating in suicide bombings.
January 25, 2002
A Palestinian terrorist blows himself up at a bus Tion in Tel Aviv injuring 30 Israelis.

January 17, 2002
A Palestinian terrorist, using an M16 and tossing hand grenades, enters a girl's 12th birthday party in a wedding hall. 6 dead, 30 injured.

I was thinking about putting up some pictures of these 2 terror events. However, after an expensive search all I could find was a picture of an Israeli crying and pictures of the terrorists rather then pictures memorializing the victims (see the January 17 link).
On the other hand I decided to provide a link to a video clip.

January 22, 2002
16 Israelis wounded; 2 die immediately, 4 die later from the wounds.
A Palestinian "gunman" (terrorist) opens fire on a bus stop in Jerusalem as people were returning from work.
December 12, 2001
At least 3 Palestinian "militants" disabled a bus by throwing grenades at it and afterward started shooting at the passengers in the bus and at passing cars.
His crime: riding an Israeli bus...  
...the punishment: death ... and more death
December 2, 2001; Haifa
Less than 12 hours after the 2 terror attacks in Jerusalem a Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself on a passenger bus killing 15 and injuring 60 Israeli civilians.
December 1, Jerusalem
12 Israelis dead, over 180 wounded. A Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself up, first. (Shortly after, a car bomb went off, meant to injure the rescue workers who arrived after the first blast).
December 1, Jerusalem
10 minutes later
a 2nd bomb was activated-- apparently meant to hurt the Israeli rescue teams and medics who arrived.
Notice the resemblance to WTC/911 in New York.
"I saw people without arms. I saw a person with their stomach hanging open. I saw a 10-year-old-boy breathe his last breath. I can't believe anybody would do anything like this." Police officers crying in shock.
You try your best ... ... and sometimes it i's still not enough
2 Israeli funeral...
...notice that: no kids with guns shooting in the air, no shouting "Allah ho Akbar... no cries to murder Americans or Arabs!
The names of 11 of the victims on Dec 1:
Yoni (Yuri) Korganov- 20; Israel Ya'akov Danino- 17; Srgt. Nir Heftzadi-19; Michael Moshe Dahan- Age 21; Golan Turgeman- 15;
Asaf Avitan- 15;
Yosef El-Ezra- 18; Adam Weinstein- 14; Guy Vaknin- 19; Moshe Levi-Yadid- 19; Ido Cohen- 17 (died from wounds Dec. 8)
November 14, 2001
Israeli residents walk past the site where a small bomb exploded in a garbage bin in Jerusalem slightly injuring two municipal street cleaners.
November 11, 2001
The body of Aharon Ussishkin, an Israeli security officer in the village Kfar Hess, lies on the ground after he was shot by a suspected Palestinian gunman.
November 11, 2001
Relatives and friends of Hadas Abutbol, a mother of four who was killed on Friday during a drive-by shooting, mourn at her funeral in the northern town of Afula.
The face of a stranger (Hadas Abutbol).
The husband and daughter of Hadas Abutbol.

As you notice: no M16's, no open casket and no kids shooting in the air in this funeral.
November 04, 2001
Palestinian gunman fired Sunday on a bus in Jerusalem, killing two people. At least 50 others were wounded
This man was not holding any weapons when he got shot!
Arab justice
A 14 year old Zionist.
The face of an "Zionist aggressor"
The face of an "Zionist aggressor"
October 29, 2001
Drive-by terrorists struck twice in the heart of the country yesterday, killing a soldier and four women and wounding dozens of other civilians in attacks near Kibbutz Metzer and in the center of nearby Hadera.

No, she is not sleeping!


... and she did not have any weapons when she was shot by the Arab terrorist.

August 10 , 2001
15 people, including 7 children, were killed and at least 132 were injured when a suicide bomber blew himself up in a the Sbarro pizzeria in the heart of Jerusalem at 2:00 P.M.
Names of the 15 victims: Giora Balash, 60; Zvika Golombek, 26; Shoshana Yehudith Greenbaum, 31; Tehila Maoz, 20, of Jerusalem; Frida Mendelsohn, 62; Michal Raziel, 15; Malka Roth, 15; Mordechai Schijveschuurder, 43; Tzira Schijve- schuurder, 41; Ra'aya Schijveschuurder, 14; Avraham Yitzhak Schijveschuurder, 4; Hemda Schijveschuurder, 2; Lili Shamilashvili, 39; Tamara Shamilashvili; Yocheved Chosen, 10.
The terrorist was on Israel's "wanted" list which was given to the PA
Jews eating pizza in Jerusalem... unacceptable (apparently).
A fake bus
A real bus.

See the connection?
What practically every news paper showed...
what really was going on...
Palestinian snipers shooting at an Israeli bus and two Israeli solders protecting the passenger bus and trying to locate the snipers.
Israelis are preparing their children too
Most kids at his age are at a mall fitting clothing rather than fitting a gas mask.
Syrian propaganda
So, what's on the the agenda...?
Honest reporting or sensationalism?
An Israeli soldier heard a Palestinian man crying for help behind a jeep and rushed to help him... I guess the soldier got what he deserved, right?
Police uniform?
Police uniform?
When you are 10 years old...
...when you are an adult
Monkey see, monkey do.
(See above pictures)
More Palestinian "police force" at work
Every police officer carries a toy like this one, right?
And I thought that Arafat doesn't have an influence on the mobs.
So... where are the stones?